The following is a work of fiction.

I say that up front becase, should anyone actually READ it, they are bound to come across something they don't like.  The story involves politics, religion, spirtuality and the demons that plague mankind.  It can come accross as judgemental, even preachy, at times and it will certainly be a valid question whether or not the protaginist's ends truly justify his means.  And while I already know my interpretation of the events that will transpire, far be it for me to say that this the only one, or even the correct one.  It would have to be a pretty far, out-there interpretation for me to tell you , "No, you're wrong."  Conservatives and Liberals, the Religious and the Atheistic are welcome to take what the will from it, and hate what they will within it.

Also, at some point it will become necessary for me to make references to actual people.  Whilst every charecter in the story is at least loosely based (and in some cases entirely based) on SOMEONE, all of the main charecters will have purely fictional names.  The only people who will be reffered to by the actual names will be public figures who play a brief, fleeting, completely non-recurring role in the story and any Heads of State that it stumbles accross.  If I can avoid using their full names, I will - purely for stylistic reasons - but the story begins on... (well, you can figure out the exact date!) and that is definitely relevant, as this is shaping up to be a most interesting year.  Anyway, to that end, I want to say up front that while I strongly believe in the POLICIES being championed here, one should not assume that I always personally condone the actions being taken.  This is not a manifesto for violent political revolution, and would be fairly absurd for that purpose were that its intention.  I intend no more than to tell an interesting story, that (hopefully) makes you think a little and that you'll (hopefully) ENJOY.

And one that - I'll say it again - is a work of FICTION.


Ed.Note: I should also add that this is also meant to be a FIRST DRAFT.  And I know it can be a little rough at times, and even having read it all a dozen times myself, I STILL come across typo's and text errors.  But this is why I REALLY want to hear from everyone. Tell me what you like, tell me what you don't like.  I do still go back and edit old chapters, so any advice WILL be carefully considered. Also, if you don't want to leaver your comment HERE, you can email me at: